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Asset Register Verification

An asset register will include details on company owned individual assets such as any plant / machinery equipment, security hardware equipment i.e. cameras and access control points, individual air-con units, light fittings and any other physical items that is to be maintained or is of value.

Businesses should have the ease to view and recognise their up-to-date “asset register” and trust that a detailed and relevant list has been compiled of all its assets.

Whether it be an individual premise, or a portfolio group of properties. the more your enterprise grows, the more physical items you need to keep track of to ensure they are being serviced and maintained and to identify potential cost implications.

An asset register will contain a location, condition, and owner. The purpose of an asset register is to enable businesses to view the status, procurement date, location, price, depreciation, and current value of each asset.

We can offer a tailor-made Asset Register Verification service for all your needs, simply send us a message at info@lillywhitepropertygroup.com and a member of the Lillywhite Property Group team will be in contact to discuss further your requirements.

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