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Carbon Footprint Reduction Services

The average family of 4 creates 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Of course, there are tips and advice for families to reduce their Co2 footprint, tips like

1. Hanging out the washing instead of tumble drying.
Instead of using the tumble drier will save around 153kg CO2 a year – that’s £52 each year, based on 150 cycles a year.

2. Turning down the heating by 1⁰C
Reducing heating at home by 1⁰C can reduce energy consumption by 8% or an average household gas bill of 12,500kWh this will reduce home CO2 emissions by 184kg – that’s £42 each year.

3. Only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need to boil
Only boiling the amount of water for your hot drink will save 72kg CO2 a year – that’s £23 per annum

4. Spending less time in the shower
Spending 1 minute less in the shower can save 23kg CO2 and £8 a year (based on one shower a day and a 9kW shower).

5. Turn electrical equipment off when not in use
Fully turning off just one LCD TV (rather than leaving it on standby) for 18 hours a day will save about 5kg CO2 a year – saving £2 a year. Turn off all other electrical equipment when not in use to multiply the savings.

How about your Business C02 emissions and Carbon Footprint?

We can offer a full review of your property environment to ensure you achieve efficient and effective C02 reductions, in effect leading to cost savings and to align with the Governments objective to reduce the UK greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050.

Carbon reduction leads to long cost savings. There will likely be an initial cost, outlay or “investment” to upgrade or replace current equipment but we can help with a plan and strategy, simply send us a message at info@lillywhitepropertygroup.com and a member of the Lillywhite Property Group team will be in contact to discuss further your requirements.

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