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Reactive maintenance is quite simply ‘reacting’ to an issue, such as a breakage/ breakdown, as it occurs. As opposed to planned maintenance, where you inspect and maintain your facility’s fabric and equipment to avoid possible issues, reactive maintenance covers those eventualities that you just cannot predict or plan for. Reactive maintenance services ensure that any unexpected breakage/ breakdowns, whilst frustrating, are fixed quickly, with minimum disruption to your business. Be it a broken boiler, air conditioning system, water leak, electrical fault, window smashed, Lillywhite will arrive within 2 hours of our serviced areas to make safe the issue, then provide further recommendations.

It is impossible to predict and address every issue before they arise and so a reactive maintenance service is vital for every business. Reactive maintenance is often supplemented with a planned maintenance programme, but whatever your approach, below we have included some of the benefits associated with having a reliable reactive maintenance partner
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Facilities are complex and no matter the plans in place, things can go wrong. A robust reactive maintenance service allows you to react when the unexpected happens and helps to keep your business trading.

As always, it will be better to prevent issues rather than react to them, but when a fault does arise having a reactive maintenance service in place can get your facility back up and running safely and to appropriate standards – meaning your employees are working in a safe environment.

With Lillywhite Property Maintenance LTD, a reactive maintenance service covers you for the unexpected whilst also keeping the associated costs of reactive servicing to a minimum.

Having a dedicated reactive maintenance team, like Lillywhite, on hand means that you will need fewer staff to manage any issues that may occur.

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